Vasectomy Reversal: All You Need To Know

As the name suggests, Vasectomy Reversal is a procedure that allows men to have babies even after they have had a vasectomy. It is true that you can have vasectomy reversal surgery, but it can be a lot complicated than a vasectomy because of the tiny procedures that need to be done very carefully.


Testosterone and Cancer

Testosterone is a major hormone of human body, but basically it is considered as male hormone. Testosterone hormone controls the production of sperm and it is responsible for sex drive and desire.

Vasectomy Reversal The Basic You Should Know

According to Mayoclinic article about Vasectomy Reversal, the success will range between 40 to 90 percent depending on duration of time since vasectomy, age, and training and experience of the surgeon.

Testosterone Therapy and Cardiovascular Risk

Dr. Morgentaler discussing the facts and research data on testosterone therapy and cardiovascular risks. From the Harvard Expert at Men’s Health Boston. The very first men’s center in the US, and still the premier destination for men who want to live their best life.

Testosterone Deficiency Resolutions From an International Expert Consensus

Dr. Morgentaler talks about testosterone deficiency and the facts gained from reliable research on the safety and efficacy of testosterone therapy. Hear the Harvard expert speak about decades of practical experience and research that led him to start the very first men’s center in the US, Men’s Health Boston.